by A Virgin Burial

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    Recorded, mixed, mastered at Twilight Studio by Francesco Ambrogiani, Pesaro.
    All tracks Written and played by 'A Virgin Burial', all rights reserved.
    Produced by 'A Virgin Burial'.

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Recorded, mixed, mastered at Twilight Studio by Francesco Ambrogiani, Pesaro.
All tracks Written and played by 'A Virgin Burial', all rights reserved.
Produced by 'A Virgin Burial'.


released February 8, 2014

A Virgin Burial



all rights reserved


A Virgin Burial Rimini, Italy

Melodic Death / Post-HC from Rimini, IT.

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Track Name: Obey
As a soldier every day you raise again,
and lead your life in spite of everything,
this world sorrounds you like a bloody cloak,
demons compete for absolute domination,
demons so sting that they even hate themselves
don't listen what you hear,
don't close your eyes,
they are everywhere !

They are inside of you,
they command, devise,
execute and hit,
you are alone, you are alone,
only you can win this war,
only you can start this revolution,
they want to fool yourself,
they want to lead your life again.

[Wake up and listen to your heart, fight], TO YOUR HEART FIGHT

The world you know is build on deception,
the world you know is corrupted and poisoned!

A crystal sphere that slowly dims the sun,
a sphere filled with innocent blood,
their venom spreads everyday,
it created the heavens, [it created signs],
sitting around a table, sitting around discussing
the fate, the fate of this world!

They monitor poverty, they control the wealth,
every day just lead your life,
don't listen to them:
don't bring voice to their promises,
every man...
is the master of your destiny,
dont let yourself sink,
Draw you sword
and fight who want to succumb you,
replace: {replace} [obedience with will].
Only you can stop them, only this way,
they can wound themselves and then die,
everday is the same, every day you have to be,
to be a soldier!
Track Name: Conspiracies

There was a man, there was a different thought,
a single thought....
"the Time is changing, the mind is blowing,
it can't coexist, it's impossible",
they lie,they are masters now!
I saw change in their history,
[I saw] change in facts,
[conspiracies], revenge,
Us, talking animals, we can only rebel,
[we can only use],
some honoest single thoughts,
no avarice, no consumism, no lust!

They drive, they order, covered by a shield, crafted in history,
covered by mind tricks and forgotten legends,
they play with rigged cards, your dirty tricks,

SILENT KINGS and queens [of ancient crowds]
with roots so deep that they even corrupted earth,
troops hired from lords to invade, to buy a shell!

There was a man, awared of all that shit, a man that opposed himself,
he started to fight without clarity, he fell for the ancient power,

and lust for domination,
{Now we are alone}, now we are alone,
supposed to be unarmed, supposed to be unarmed,

But we can understand, we can dig in history,
the real history, We can realize consipracies,
their plan, their real intentions,
and finally now we can see,
through that disgrace,
that victim mask they always wore,
and finally we can see the devil of our days,
the Evil of mankind...
Track Name: 34
I saw how you looked the sun,
your eyes filled with tears caused by wrong people...
i saw your heart's breaking,
I saw your heart, breaking before the last time,
Where are you going?

I know it's not your fault, but stop don't run away, you don't need this revenge,
plese stop, i will not touch you, beucase i can't stop you.
I see the darkness, embracin' you, step by step,
you have betrayed, i know you wanted justice, YOU WANT JUSTICE,
{but you can't beat'em}!

(You, can't defeat the rules, that prevail, in this, corrupted, world...)

If you fight alone, {you'll never win},
you will never win, NEVER,
they will, {they will}, enchain you, under their will forever, {forever}!

He will try to suppress me, he will try to deceive me,
the enemy, the only enemy,
to cross that line, to cross this threshold,

I can see you,
i see your strenght,
they wanted you.

I saw how you looked the sun,
your eyes, filled, with tears, caused by wrong people,
i saw a lot of wrecking,
no mercy, no blinks,
you can rise despaired like never before,
[you can be yourself, fight with spreaded wings],
with spreaded wings!
Track Name: Bloody Grail
Everytime the same story,
everytime the same as before,
never stop at nothing,
as you predicate everyday...
your mouths, that pretend to be sincere,
are full of worms,
make plots and get plans [like before]!

You have the control but it's not enough,
because you always want more...
invade, fight and indoctrinate,
like in the past you still want to be the only one,
you want to be the masters, [you want to be the masters],
ready to obey.
to obey.
Greedy feasting everyday...
Moved by avarice and lust,
red glasses of wine thick as blood,
your army filled with pawns, mindless.
Rings, these riches are poisoning your souls,
served everyday like kings and queens,
while you should preach poverty and consistency,
you own castles, history,
cities and the whole population,
you hide yourselves [behind] an icon that's meaningless,
[an icon that's meaningless today].

Your hands are filled with money?
and your necks by golds, and your neck by golds,
purple robes, heavy rings drag you to hell,
children of ancient will, of an ancient will,
born to invade, born to destroy,
sons of will born to dominate,
your souls are so corrupted that you can't even escape that...

we can only ignore, ONLY IGNORE,
we can only fight, FIGHT
with knowledge and history by our side,
[your god will fall]!
Track Name: Prayers
(he said he wanted to help me...where are you?!)
Once upon a time, there was a child,
that had a young and pure soul,
he just wanted to understand...

their hearts were living,
he trust'd that will,
and he believed in your words,
he was in your hands,
his heart was supposed to be free.
He was waiting for a quick and decise pen,
like a book full of blank pages,
but you betrayed him with mind tricks.

You wounded him only to capture "wanted"...

that day, that morning,
you stabbed him and, like a devil who enlists
his platoon, you took his hand moved by lust,
moved by lust, and lied...

with an hand on his head and the other
on his lips you never stop'd, you've never did!

How could you do that?!
His heart was crying, [his heart was dying],
did you have enough fun?
Now he grown up, and now he's in front of you,
in front of you,
in front of you...

he has a knife...

you can only pray what you prayed,
you, you can only hope that it'll be fast,
you can only close your eyes!